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An endless space sandbox VR multiplayer RPG world · By Astronation


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On route to beta...
It takes a while to go beyond, but for sure ... and with sadness we had to take down the demo version.... It was 3 years old so not much to show there and it st...
Incoming beta
After a lot of adventures with the code, it seems we're back on track and heading for a beta release. :) This might still take a while... so until then join us...
Astronation 0.9.1
Here is a fresh version of Astronation, while cranking the orbital mechanics, docking arrived, and some other tweaks (e.g. to the Radar) along with displays for...
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Astronation 0.9.0 released
After doing some rough performance tests over the weekend and nailing down the breaks issue, here is a fresh release of Astro's early beta sandbox. We're moving...
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0.8.2 released
We've just pushed the new version of Astro, including, but not limited to ;).... fresh sounds for explosions and energy discharges a bunch of performance tweaks...
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0.8.1 released
Hi :) I've just pushed the last pre-xmas release of Astronation (0.8.1). Among explosion and shooting tweaks, we added the flight direction indicator (inside ra...
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Quick feedback updates
We've updated a set of routines for handling the flight and shooting (see Vive version). Holographic details of the selection now shows the distance (in m, km...
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A dark beta release on
We're very excited to be able to show you all an early beta version of Astronation, a VR MORP, we've created. We want to proceed through the beta on itch, and w...
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Last post
Hi :) I've been working on this game for the past few years, it has evolved from a concept for a holistic virtual world...
started by Astronation Dec 14, 2017
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