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Warning: early beta release!

Astronation is a VR (only HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) multiplayer, role-playing game taking place in a virtual and open universe. Players strive to survive inside their spaceships - trading, researching, and fighting for the future of humanity.

Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG
Intro screen
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG
Stratio V Space Station
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG
Fly by the Mechanical Farms
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG
Shooting the power generator of Stratio V

After identifying the perfect, nearby exoplanet to colonize, all Earth nations have funded a massive star-faring ship and populated it with one million brave colonists.

Action of the game is taking place in the first star system colonized by humans. Needless to say - not everything went according to the plan...

Short story describing the departure from Earth
Short story describing the arrival on Verde
Short story of the construction of the first Space Station


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