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Warning: VR only, early alpha release!

Astronation is a virtual reality world allowing you to help the humanity colonize the first habitable exoplanet in a solar system known to the Galactic Space Squadron as the PE31. Obviously, with such a bold undertaking, not everything goes according to the plan...

The action begins upon arrival at the orbit of Verde. Once awakened from lenghty hibernation, you'll find out that the Glazier (the mothership you all arrived in) is badly damaged, and that Earth can't be contacted. You and other brave souls have started doing what humans do best, when facing certain doom, all started competing for resources, power and survival.

  • Here you are, there's no coming back... it's you or them... Make friends or bring havoc - it's absolutely up to you on how you will roll...
  • Take command of a spaceship - a highly customizable vessel that allows you to fight, trade and scout
  • Explore the unknown - it's the cosmos, right? It's vast, it's dark and cold... Oh wait! What was that on the starboard?
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG world
Intro screen
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG world
Stratio V Space Station
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG world
Fly by the Mechanical Farms
Astronation - VR multiplayer RPG world
Shooting the power generator of Stratio V

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Board a spaceship provided on the expense of the Galactic Space Squadron and become a part of the virtual world of Astronation today, or you can also optionally support us with your donation.

Astronation World panorama
A panorama of the Astronation's starbase cluster
Astronation world panorama
A Tinn-class spaceship floating between the Mech Farms and 'SSM Origin' starbase
Astronation world panorama
A dark side - everyone has it... ;)

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